What do guys think of extremely tomboyish/nerdy girls?

I hate to wear girl's clothes(I usually wear a hoodie and jeans), I don't wear makeup, my hair is short, I wear glasses, I'm quite curvy, I like reading and video games, and I'm writing my own novel. I'm not sporty at all - actually, I'm a geeky klutz, and I love hanging out with both girls and guys. I only have one really close friend, though. I also have a nose piercing. What do you guys think: am I too tomboyish or nerdy, and should I become more girly?


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  • NO, DON'T CHANGE! Wow, you almost sound like a female me, although better looking! LMAO And on a curvy girl, that style of clothing on a girl is CUTE! Sometimes when something like a hoodie isn't TOO fitted, it'll show the sillhouette of the curves & figure, & most guys are like, man, I need to keep coming back & see how much I'm not seeing LOL I don't know if you're actually a tomboy either, but you're not the first girl who thought so. Your look is just casual, & here around New Orleans, MOST girls dress that way all the time & they're not exactly scaring guys away! LOL My BFF is turning down date offers right & left...


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    • You're a troper, too? That's awesome, I love TVTropes!

    • I created the trope, 'This is a Song'. I'm thinking of proposing another one regarding how people in the water never seem to need goggles, even in salt or pool water.

  • Glasses have nothing to do with being a tomboy... nerds wear glasses... not tomboys. I dont like short hair, but I like girls who dont wear makeup and like playing video games... but I prefer sporty type of tomboys.


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