Does anyone else find this oddly beautiful?

Great song in the background. Idk, I'm not really a Brittany Snow fan, but she just looks stunning here, tears, effed up mascara and all. anyone agree/disagree?



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  • A video portrait? Awesome. Damnnn, though. She can sure act. Acting being that upset, with no other residing feature, is very difficult. Guys pretty good too. Good acting, I dig it.

    Hmm. Strangely beautiful? I wouldn't say strangely. Its a show of some kinda tragic beauty, and tragedy is the most beautiful of beauties. As Edgar Allen Poe said, the act of a beautiful woman dying is the most beautiful act in the world. Tears aren't a far step, not tears like that, and she's portraying it very well. She does look... Good, hahaha.

    What does she do that you dislike? I've never heard of her.

    • Been digging on this Tyler Shields guy, too, for a bit. I like his videos on Youtube. Short film director, yeah?

    • yup he is. I feel like his videos are hits and misses lol- this video definitely being a hit. I agree with what you said above (aren't her eyes amazing?) and thanks for sharing that Edgar Allen Poe quotation. I love his work, but I hadn't heard of that line before. Also, I don't dislike Brittany Snow, I just haven't been particularly drawn to the movies she's acted in (though she did act in The Vicious Kind, in which she definitely had a more mature/complex role to play).

    • Ohh right. I was watching a few there, all hits. I subscribed, and I don't subscribe, haha.

      Yeahh. Especially when she looks up from having her head down, and their almost gashed with lavish, moist red, and cool, stoney blue. Great stuff.

      Actually, I haven't read any of Poe's stuff, but I've heard that line, LOL. I wanna get into him though, sounds like a cool guy.

      And ohh, right. Never saw that. But oh, lol.

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  • no not at all.


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  • It made me wanna cry. Def was not expecting that. But yeah.

  • i find it to be haunting. but yeah, strangely beautiful

    • haunting describes this perfectly :)

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