Change in body language?

His interest in me had faded away a bit, so in class I decided to use a tip my friend suggested. She said to dress cute, and ignore him. She said that my lack of giving him attention would make him interested. I could see him out of the corner of my eye looking at me when I was playing with my hands. I'm the quiet type. Near the end of class he looked a little depressed-ish he went off into the corner texting and then leaned against a table about 5 feet away from our group. Why do you think he distanced himself like that? What does it mean?


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  • Girls who begin to play hard to get and give little to no attention to a guy can discourage the guy from pursuing even more. Believe me on this. Guys like attention, not too much attention but they like to be noticed, at least when their trying to notice you.

    • see but that's the thing. He was losing interest in me. He used to text me first most of the time. Id start the texting sometimes too, but then he just gradually stopped. Now he doesn't text me anymore. Recently he will occasionally reply if I initiate the text. It depends.

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