What do guys look for in a girl?

what do guys look for in a girl to whom they will get married or have a really serious relationship?

Specially Indians and UK-ites


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  • I look for innocence. The less baggage she has the better. I look for a girl that smiles more than she breathes. I want a girl that allows me to love her, that doesn't make me feel awkward showing her affection. Someone whom doesn't need to talk to me on the hour or need to know where I am at all times. I hope this helps?


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  • Well, to sum it up, I'm looking for someone who shares my values. Notice I didn't say my "religion" or my "opinions" or "politics". I want someone who looks at the world in much the same way that I do, and holds valuable the same things that I do. I know it sounds kind of vague, but that's what I'm looking for.


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  • Guys who are looking for a serious relationship are looking for someone to settle down with, usually meaning marriage.

    They look for what's important to them, just like you would. Usually, if they want kids, how good you are with children, if you would be a good mother, if you would be good at raising a family. If your dependable, if you would do what you could to help your family. If your understanding and caring. If religion and heritage are big, than it would be how well you uphold your religion and if you share it and such.

    And mostly, they look for someone they can envision themselves with for years to come, and if they'll still love you for years to come.

    Of course this varies from guy to guy, and I'm not a guy so I wouldn't know for SURE, but generally, this is what I believe anyone would look for when looking for someone to settle down with.

    • well, all these things need to be cultivated through love. and I believe if these things matter, then I m at a good position to win over a guy. Thanks a lot.

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