Help me find my prom dress?

Hey guys and girls! Prom season is right around the corner and I need help finding the PERFECT dress for my junior prom (My age is wrong on here :C) ! Unfortunately, I don't have anybody to take me shopping or help me out in real life, so I'm counting on the guys or girls who might be willing to lend a helping cyber-hand.
Additional information will be linked below if you're interested in helping me find it:

I'm looking for a light blue dress with pink lace detailing, but I can't find anything but this & I'm not particularly fond of how long it is & I'd like the pink to be more vibrant:
I fell IN LOVE with Trisha Paytas's look in her video & I plan on doing my makeup similar to hers. The kimono robe she's wearing is what inspired me to find my "dream dress":

I'm envisioning a long, flowy, & silky light blue dress with that same hot-pink lace on Trisha's robe.. if anyone can find anything even REMOTELY close, I will actually melt!! <3<3 Thanks everyone! C:
(Please link images below)


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  • Well I don't know how you look and how tall are you. After that I may send you some pics. ♥️


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