What if a guy looks at a girl for a really long time?

I was walking to class then I saw this guy staring at me. So I looked back at him because he looked a lot like my crush (although I wasn't sure if it was him). We held eye contact for several seconds because I wanted to discern if it was him. The expression on his face was as though he was thinking but also like he had a slight smile (you wouldn't see it if you weren't looking at him for a long time). what does that mean?


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  • believe walking down the street guys love to stand there and stair. I how come to two conclusion. the first they like what they see anhd want you to notice them either by smiling or by simply saying hi. that way they can make there move. the other is that there penis likes what it sees. there was this guy in my class when I was I high school that would turn back to me and just stair and turn back. later he said something weird in class about how guys think about sex every 8 sec. in a day. I guess he needed a visual aid.


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  • he was thinking of having sex with you in his mind, yep! Basically he was thinking a sexual fantasy with you, and possibly with others, etc. etc.

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    • Is that serious, if a guy stares at you he is thinking about having sex?? How do you know that?

    • Yep! he's having a sexual fantasy...that dumb look on his face and continual stare....oh ya...seriously...he's not just thinking, he's already there, and I'm not kidding at all...guys are always thinking of sex....there is this book that's really good....men are from mars and women are from venus...I think that's what it's called. And another good read is He's Just not that in to you, or something. And that book is by a guy, and he's totally spilling it about guys and what they really think.

  • he was trying to see you naked with his imaginations or he is trying to have a sexual fantasy. you shouldnt be mad about it becuase he thinks that you are sexy and attractive