GUYS: Why would you go for the less attractive girl?

A group of people from my school (including my friends) went clubbing, there were heaps of girls around and the most attractive guys hook up with some of the lest attractive girl there, I was honestly shocked because these guys usually have so much confidence in other situations with girls they don't know. So guys please to explain this?

TAKE NOTE: this is not some "omg I'm so jealous I get no attention boo hoo for me " thing, I just honestly don't understand :P


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  • The definition of beauty "attractive" varies from a person to another. However, answering your question; maybe they were intimidated and scared they might be rejected. Or maybe they were looking for a quicker approach, assuming that a less attractive girl would be easier to talk to. Or perhaps it is just what avksxXXVII said! Who knows?


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  • The attractive girls with the bombshell looks are usually in a relationship. Even if they're not, they probably expect some Abercrombie and Fitch model to ask them out. What guy would bother. That's asking for rejection and its always the guy who has to ask so girls don't know anything about that. Better to just go for a nice and quiet girl even if she isn't attractive because at least because odds are she's more humble.

  • The less attractive girls are usually less judgmental and have lower standards than the hot ones. So if the guys are just looking to hook up its a lot easier and less of a struggle than with the hot women.

  • The attractive ones are usually taken.

    • Why do guys always assume that? half the time they are the most single :P

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    • or it could be the most attractive girls are stuck up bitches! (no jealous remark just observation). and guys don't wanna be with a girl who is all about herself like she is the sh*t. besides the fact thoughs girls usually like to toy with men then rip his heart out. unlike the less but still attractive girl who will do anythign to please him and love him for him

    • Everything you said was nonsense. I'm met a lot of really attractive women who were great people and less attractive women who were unbearable. Your attractiveness is unrelated to your personality.

      And on another note, I'm usually not dumb enough to let women toy with my feelings.

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