Is it natural for a guy to build more attraction if you get a job?

Well the question is above and it quiet obvious.

I recently got a really awesome job, easy work and the best pay ever.

I noticed that one guy (not naming names here) really seems into me now, like we have been talking and stuff and we've known each other for about 6months or so, but I swear I've met him somewhere before that and seen his face.

We have about 55 friends in common/mutual friends, possibly even more. So it wouldn't surprise me if we did meet earlier.

We've been messaging each other for close to 5 months maybe even more then that, just about everyday.

I ran out of credit the other day so I couldn't contact him, and then I got a message a week later from him.

Usually I'm the one that sends the first message to start a convo, and I know that means that he's not really attracted to me and he didn't want to give off the wrong idea.

But now I have started to get my life on track like a 28 year old would he's really been into me. (Btw I'm 18 nearly 19 and he's 21 nearly 22)

So the question is, if I start my life on track like an older woman would, would that build more attraction from him to me, because it's something he feels secure about?

And why in a way it makes sense but doesn't

Thanks guys and girls xx


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  • It could be that he thinks your more reliable and secure, that might be something he is looking into with you.


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