What hair length is too long?

I have been growing my hair out (I had cut it almost shoulder length a year ago but now its half way down my back.) I want to keep growing it but I don't want it to be too long. At what point should I stop growing it? What hair lengths do you prefer, and what style. Long layers, short? Guy and Girl answers please :)


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  • I love long hair but tooo long is when the ends go lower than your waist. At that point it's so long that it gonna make you shorter...

    Actually, a little bit shorter than that is the perfect length to me.

  • too long is when you no longer want to put up with the maintenance, lol. I think any length is fine as long as you remember of cutting off the dead part of the hair (I am guilty of this myself)

    • My hair has been through a lot in the past year. I went from natural black hair to redish brown to blonish brown with highlights and then dark brown and back to natural shade. lol But since then I have left it alone and all the damaged hair is almost grown out. Its only the last six inches of my hair now. In about six months it should be gone though if I keep up with regular trims.

    • yeah you just have to be careful because sun exposure will also change the color of your hair. my hair is like that now the bottom of my hair is reddish brown while the top of my scalp is dark brown almost black. you can't really tell unless I put my hair in a bun or something but then it looks like I have fake hair or something because the color is so different.

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