How do I dress girlie?

do guys like this style? this is the way I dress. &no I'm not a poser who goes around saying 'im scene kid.' ignore the scene thing in the linkname. right now I dress like ; link

or should I change to a more girlie style?


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  • You dress like a scene girl, like it or not. The way you dress now is fine, if you've got the face and body for it.

    It really depends on how you look?

    • i've been told that I suit it, and that I look nice. but a lot of girls think that I won't get boyfriends unless I dress up girlie like them

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    • Baby sucking on a pacifier?

    • hahaha you could take it that waay I guess. uh it was supposed to be a :P face.

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  • In my opinion,that "style" is far from tomboy but also far from girlie,simply tacky in my opinion.But if you like your style then why are you trying to change it?

    • I don't thinkthat style is tacky at all. I like it on alo if girls. It was awesome on my cousin and she just got married so of course you can still get a guy if you dress like that. If you like it then don't change yourself.

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    • well, I'm gonna stay with the way I dress.

      &it's not tacky. sure, it might be when you're like forty but at my age right now I don't really care.

    • It's kind of tacky for anyone over the age of 13/14,but ok.Sure.

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