What should I wear to this party?

Everyone and their mothers are going to be at this party, so I want to look nice, but also be comfortable enough to dance my ass off :)

Any suggestions?
all of you are dumb
LOL @ everyone who got offended xD
no, really though you guys are horrid at giving advice, how do you even call yourselves trying to help anyone, why are you even on this website. you all belong in a hole.


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  • Why weren't me and mum invited then?! Man this is so f***ing unfair.

    Lol, it depends what clothes you have, and what you like wearing.

  • Clothes.

    • In regards to your update, actually I think you're the one who's dumb. At least I know how to dress myself.

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    • Whats my reputation?

    • clearly a bad one if you want to be someone else besides yourself. dummy

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