Will a girl dress nicer for a guy she is interested in her?

A girl I know in my college knows that I am interested in her, and she dresses pretty normally during regular days, but when we have a class together she will dress much nicer as if she was going to a classy party or dinner. More attention will also be paid to makeup and hair.

Is this a sign that she is also interested or is she simply using me as an ego-boost?
UPDATE: She shows a lot of small signs she's interested: checking me out with a smile on her face, she's always a bit nervous while with me, open to light physical touches, happy to see me, etc. But, she is very unwilling to spend (cont. in next update)
But, she is very unwilling to spend alone time with me outside of class. I've asked her a few times and she's always had plans but she doesn't suggest another time to meet. She's more willing to hangout if there's more people (ie go as a group of 3-4 ppl)


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  • I know when I'm interested in a guy, and I know I am going to see him, I may more of an effort. Whether that's wearing nicer clothes, or making sure I have my hair and makeup done - just something a notch up from what I would normally wear. Like, I'm interested in a guy in one of my classes and instead of changing into yoga pants before class, I stay in my work clothes (which tend to be girlie and soft since I work for a spa). But the days we don't have classes I'm back in my sweats.

    Compliment her. Ask her if she wants to grab coffee after class to discuss [insert upcoming assignment] and once you get her in a more social setting start breaking the ice and get to know HER better. If she keeps the conversation going and returns the questions, or gives open ended answers, she's probably diggin ya.

    • Thanks for your detailed comment. I've added 2 updates if you can take a look at them and tell me what you think. I'm still very suspicious that this girl is using me just as an ego-boost, she knows that I am interested in her. Also: she doesn't seem to have much experience around guys.

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  • one way to find out. tell her she looks good on a day when she's looking more spectacular than usual and see if she blushes as she says thanks.

    • Haha, VERY good idea!

    • I've done stuff like that and she gets extremely happy and looks down and says thanks, but wouldn't a girl wanting an ego-boost show the same reaction?

  • Normally, when a girl is interested in the guy she'll put some effort into how she looks.

    Try and talk to her more and see how she reacts around you, if it's different to how she'd act around another guy. (:

  • how do you know she's dressing for you and not some other guy?

  • a little bit of both ... and are you sure she is not actually dressing up and you just notice her anyway? haha

    do you like her?

    • I'm pretty sure its not me, the differences in the way she's dressing is really clear.

    • Also, her confidence level changes a lot depending on the way she's dressed. If she's not dressed as fancily she'll be nervous and shy whereas if she's dressed well that day, she'll be super-confident.

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  • I personally don't think so. I think she likes to make sure whether she's with you or not, that she wants to make every impression that she is good looking, or has style... or whatever. She may, on the other hand, dress more according to things that you have complimented and know you like, while still keeping her style and looks appealing to herself. That's the way I see it, but I'm not a chick. But it's a pretty darn good observation if you ask me, lol.

    • Well as I said... a girl may choose to dress nicely for their sake, but if she's avoiding you personally, and doesn't mind groups, she's probably not that into you, sounds like she's avoiding personal time and awkward moments for her. Just my observation based on opinion.

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