Why does this woman look at me as she passes by my window?

There's a woman who passes my apartment block almost every week day walking her 2 young toddlers & every time she walks by she sort of slowly turns her head & glances over to my window as she passes. There is at least a 2ft gap from her & the window, so she's not right next to me if you get me!

She doesn't smile or anything but always walks really slow (probably because of the toddlers) & looks at me when I'm sitting in the lounge as she passes, and no she isn't creepy - I don't mind it to be honest.

She did this today (30/01/11) when I was outside working on my car (except she stopped across from me for a good while when the kid stopped walking, obviously tending to it), but I overheard her talking to her kids & she is foreigh (possibly Polish) which I didn't know, so talking to her could be a problem with the language barrier!

She looks to be around late 30s/early 40s & I'm a tall 23yr old guy.

Why does she do this, does she like the look of me or something it's really confusing me?


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  • Maybe she's trying to make friends? You did say she was foreign, she could just be trying to get you to approach her. She could also just be curious about the people around. Does she look in any other people's windows?

    • Thanks for your response, great answer. No she doesn't look in anyone elses window, just mine. Which makes me think she may like me, even though she's never spoken to me!

      What do you think?

    • Ohh I see. She might like the looks of you haha. I think you should try saying something to her the next time she passes and see if she speaks any english. Maybe you guys could be friends?

    • Yeah I'll try that mate thanks.

      I think she is looking for a friend & also likes the look of me! haha

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