Black natural hair sistas?

My hair is thick and coarse but I flat iron it but I'm tired of almost being late to school because in worried about my hair being on point. any ideas. I get paid Friday but I need something that will be quick and not that much money. I'm a college student and I work. but the other black girls have such pretty long relaxed hair but I do not relax my hair because my scalp has eczema and my hair is doing so good so far without a relaxer


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  • Whatever you do, I hope you don't ever decide to use relaxer! that stuff is dangerous. It contains Sodicum hydroxide which can literally burn through your skin, even inhaling any off that can permanantly damge your lungs. Have you thought about going natural? I find that so much hotter on black girls, I mean they look hot with it straight but when its natural YUM :D

    • my hair is not relaxed, not all black women relax their hair, I only flat iron it straight

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    • white women with curly hair straighten their hair too, and they dye it blond. so why don't you lecture the white girls on going natural and not me?

    • I never said you HAVE to stay natural, if you want to straighten your hair that's your choice.

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  • My cousin has been going natural for 5yrs now and I only do it for the summer you should check out the link and also check out some more videos for hairstyles. (Hope this helps):D

    • it wasn't the right video I wanted a video for how to straighten black natural hair not how to define the curl

    • ohhh sorry :) try this one


  • What do you do with it? My hair is natural right now, but I've trained my hair to stay straight. I know I use a lot of natural oils and products to keep it healthy and lasting longer. I also use a ceramic Chii iron.

    • i use a chi iron as well, doesn't help, my hair stylist does it for me and trims it, my hair is not relaxed

    • i flat iron my hair every 2 weeks, I try to not use heat on my hair everyday as it produces just as much damage as a relaxer does. I use smooth and hold pudding for my edges.

  • A lot of people I. Know have box braids but I don't like them I just put my hair in a ponytial after it dries from me washing..while its wet I put it in 2 strand twists then wait til it dries

  • flat iron your hair on Sunday night then wrap it to keep the style throughout the week. do olive oil hot oil treatments. what helps me is if I put evoo in my hair and sit under a hooded dryer for 30-45 minutes before washing it out. it makes it a lot softer and healthier. also look into taking msm supplements it can possibly make your hair texture looser *it worked for me* but check with your dr first I don't wanna be responsible for anything lol


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