How to show him I like him?

I like a guy and I guess he sort of likes me too. I don't know if he knows I like him but I want him to take the hints! He's kinda clueless when it comes to girls and I'm somewhat shy but not very shy. How do I show him without acting out of character?


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  • Smile a lot, laugh at his jokes even if they are not that funny, don't go all hysterical though. Try touching him on the arm during conversation. Small acts of physical contact are big tell with guys.


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  • When ever you walk by him (facing his direction) smile at him and brush your arm against his.


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  • Yeah that's good advice miss Jane. I'm in the same predicament. Poke him when you wall past him, wait for him outside the classroom, slightly jump in his shoulders when you're behind him to kinda startle him a bit but when he sees its you he should smile or like roll his eyes playfully. That's what the Guy I had the same situation did to me. Also playfully step of his shoes. Just playfully Though. Be really really Flirty. When You guys make eye contact kinda give a really yearning and wanting look in your eyes but don't make it too obvious and smile a bit (not too much. Like a shy embarrassed cute smile) That's a look you wanna master lol it'll help you in life.

    Hope that helped. Good luck(: I know out guys will be great with eachother.

    Friend meh

    • Make sure when using the look, look down quickly and then back up.

      60% of the time works everytime.

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