What is the prettiest thing to you in a girl?

looks or personality... anything.

and although this is sorta a different question... do you like girl who are relaxed in their clothes or more of a dressed up preppy style?


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  • To me the most attractive thing is a girl's personality, but my favotite features that I think are the prettiest are her face and curves. I LOVE girls who are relaxed in their clothes! It's cute & casual, & it's who the girl is. That's the most common fashion style around New orleans, hoodies, jeans, tee shirts & cute tops made to be worn tucked out & sometimes shirts belted at the waist. I think it's HOT, but then again when a relaxed girl chooses to dress up for a special occasion, she looks pretty that way too...


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  • just being sweet. a genuinely nice girl who is kind and caring is the prettiest thing to me in a girl. id say relaxed in their clothing for the other one, but relaxed sounds more just like sweatpants and sweatshirts, which sometimes is cool but not all the time.

  • Physically: thighs, they drive me nuts.

    personality: sense of humor and trustworthiness.

    i like girls that dress how they want and don't give a f*** what people think or say.

  • Their hair and their personality. A girl who is sweet and has a caring nature.

    Yeah relaxed in their clothes is fine.

  • For me I would say her FACE! DAMN when I see beautiful face and especially the eyes ... I would forget my name .. lol.! the rest is not that big deal given that she is neither "too fat" nor "too skinny".

    as for the personality I would say :

    1- I can TRUST and depend on her in rough times

    2- she MUST trust me

    3- thoughtful

    4- sense of humor

    5- I'd love if she were sporty and likes activities

    6- the clothes don't matter that much but I'd rather have her a bit dressed up.

    well that's my ideal woman! :)

  • a girl who dresses attractively and wear dress which suit her

  • Whes she looks and acts relaxed and natural.


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