Nissan Cube? Yay or Nay?

I'm thinking about getting a nissan cube, and these are the pros and cons me and my friends have come up with so far: pretty good mpg, but its an ugly ass box car, lots of space inside, but its still an ugly looking cube, would be really good for road trips and can have hookah sessions in the back, but its still remains a really lame looking box. Thoughts?

If I did get it, I would be getting a really good sound system for it so I could have a party inside, but it would still be a really stupid looking box.


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  • ugh I hate those cars they look so dumb. and I don't know for sure, but you could probably get like a ford focus, honda civic, or chevy cobalt for a better price and they are good cars

    • Well I want a car that has a lot of space inside, and the cube is very very roomy and the back seats fold down for more room. But its also a fugly box...

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    • haha is that even possible? I think I would rather drive a fugly box than a minivan :P and vans are quite a bit more expensive.

    • haha I know some people who pulled it off lol

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  • Yeah the car really looks weird. You will draw attention... but for the wrong reasons.

    Have you considered Kia Soul? I has just as much space and looks a little bit better for about the same price.


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