What bra do you wear with this type of material?

i have several shirts that are made from thin silky fabric. I don't know what kind of bra to wear with these so that there isn't an outline of my bra. I've tried all kinds, including the t shirt bra. I was told that that would be smooth under the fabric. But it isn't.

I'm sure I'm not the only one with shirts made from this material. What do you wear under it?

Thank a lot!


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  • Try a bra with round cups, no seams anywhere on the cup, made with similar, thin, stretchy, smooth material. I actually have a Calvin Klein bra I got from TJMaxx that's exactly within that description...NO lines or showing at all. Try the "Barely There" brand of T-shirt bras. Not only that, but, the better the brand, the better the fit. If you don't have a lot of money, my Calvin Klein bra I got from TJMaxx was only $10! ...Stay far away from Wal-Mart, their bra selection is, well, not-up-to-par in quality. Also, try, Dillard's, Belk, Victoria's Secret (free bra fitting @ VS!), or JCPenney's (the sales associate working in the lingerie dept. specializes in this sort of thing and can help you) - SO ASK! ...One more thing, ALWAYS wear a nude colored bra, closest to your skintone, under a white shirt or t-shirt...especially if you can slightly see through your shirt...NEVER WHITE!


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  • I havnt figured it out yet so I wear a tank top underneath the shirt to give the layering effect and hide bra lines lol

    • that's what I do too. but this particular shirt is too low cut and a bit too see through to wear a tank

    • hmm...well depending on your boob you could try pasties

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