Why is he being all flirty and so cute lately, what should I do? Please I really need your help about this guy, so confused, MEN PREFERRED

I live across the street from this really cute guy, we have been talking constantly over the phone and facebook, he has flirted a lot and so have i.

I finally broke it to him that we should hang out, it took me at least two weeks to get him to see me and once we did, I went to his house with a friend of mine. We got drunk and had a blast.

Ever since we got drunk with him, he has been constantly texting me to hang out and chill, also talking to me a lot as normal like flirting wise, without asking for anything.

I did not DO ANYTHING sexual or skanky with him when I was drunk, we just had fun. Now He constantly wants to see me, and is free talking to me.

Why is he being all flirty and so cute lately, what should I do? Is he trying to hint at something, also he broke up with the girl he was married to on facebook after that night?


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  • at first he wants to know how cool you are. and when he finds out that you are cool, he wants to hang out more.


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  • the guy is really married?! or just FB status?! better know this guy a little longer before you assume he is worth it..=)

  • Looks like he wants to develope a relationship with you, or at least see more of you.


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