What does your room look like?

Inspired by an answer I got ; ) Mine has light blue walls with black see-through curtains, a hard wood floor, an oak dresser with a mirror in front of it, a completely filled bookcase, white sliding closet doors, a desk and chair with my computer, my twin sized bed, a drawer for random papers, a bunch of pictures, and florescent lighting. There are a munch of miscellaneous items around, and my room's generally neat. Your turn, I'm curious to know : )
So, ikarus had pictures, post some if you want = )


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  • I have light blue walls, wooden floors but I have this blue/green striped rug over some of it, which I'm not a fan of, haha, 3 windows with white curtains, a bed, a beanbag chair, a desk with tonsa sh*t on it, a little rolling table with my printer on it, a bookcase, 2 closets, and a crappy tall lamp that leans sideways. Above my desk I have this thing that's about 5'x5' that I just tack allll this random stuff on - drawings, photos, labels, random things I found, stuff I've cut out of magazines, stuff I got when I was little. I have a lot of lotions and perfumes and stuff on my bookcase, cause I have nowhere else to put them. :( But I do have my lucky Maneki Neko on there too. :D I keep my cameras & supplies, and makeup and stuff in this organizer in my closet, and I have my scarves and necklaces on these hooks, and I keep the books I'm reading and random crap on the side table near my bed.

    My room's really messy right now though. I have all my school books and papers sort of spread out around my bed, random sh*t (like, rolls of coins, I don't even know) on my bedside table, crap I should throw away spread all over my desk, and clothes on my beanbag and sort of piled near my closet area. It's terrible, haha. It's generally messy but not THIS bad. D:

    Also, I'm hoping to buy some posters/prints online to put up, cause my walls are boring, imo. :D


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  • the walls are dripping red with blood.

    the closet is full of people I've exterminated.

    the bed is bitchin' and spacious.

    the floor is littered with crap because I'm kinda lazy and don't always clean well.

    the window screen is gone so I can go out without going through the front door.

  • I have a tiny room (took it so that I could use the big room as a studio - its pure white, an eminence of a room). And I made it look so much smaller.

    I painted two walls a dark, ambivalent dark purple, like ancient Arabian royalty. I actually based a lot of it on Arabian and Art Nouveau artwork. The other two walls (which are broken by the window and the door, and an angle leading out to an in-built cupboard, so are much lesser walls), are a more neutral creamy brown.

    The floors a really shiny PVC flooring, hahaha. A light wood finishing. I've got a very very low bed, which I'm gonna lower again - so its near the floor. Its in the alcove created by the outset cupboard. Then, a tall cupboard from my old room, when we used to rent. Beside that, a record player and small table, which has a television on it. ^_^

    I'm gonna put these wooden bars across the alcove where the bed is, almost like a jail cell, with an open entrance of course. I'll try and get Art Nouveau style gating, big trippy organic forms in wire, to put over the wood, and cut up into shapes. Look like a Soft Machine album cover.

  • My room is a blacklight room so it's pretty f***in' dope. PERFECT place to chill and smoke some bud :p

    I usually always have some trance playing, too, and I've got two computers and an Xbox so when I feel like it I can have three separate visualizers going at once. Combined with all the multicolored posters glowing in the blacklights and this is pretty much the best room ever.

  • Okay

    Redish walls

    Wood Floor

    Desk with Computer

    Cheap Plastic 3 drawer thing that holds random stuff.

    Another Wooden 3 drawer Cabinet again holds random stuff and my TV on top

    A king size bed

    A massive dog crate

    A book case not many books just more random stuff

    A media tower with Movies on it

    A closet full of clothes

    Then I got a few wall shelves that have electronic stuff (surround sound, xbox 360, etc)

    • Neat, I can relate to the random stuff in places. Wish I had a king sized bed lol

  • Greenish walls

    Mirrors covering 2 entire walls of the room

    Kingsize waterbed with 2 dressers, a bunch of junk on my dresser as usual(you know, cellphone charger, lamp, lubes, condoms and an alarm clock and stuff like that)

    Big closet for clothes

    parquet flooring

    A "sleeping stick" for my parrot

    a desk with chair with a computer, laptop & server on it

    a small sofa+small table

    Build in bench/closet under my window which leads to my balcony

    Flatscreen Tv against the wall which is hooked up to my server for.. watching movies and stuff

    2 doors although.. one is more or less just a hole with a sheet nailed against the wall to keep the bathroom somewhat sepparated from my bedroom

    Room is a mess(it usually is tho :p), pillows on the ground, dirty clothes on the sofa, empty dish from tonights dinner on the table, empty beerbottles on the desk, etc

    • Lol, great description! Wow, mirrors covering two whole walls, that sounds pretty amazing : )

    • it is... but having to clean the mirrors every week is a bitch, I can tell you that much :P

  • It looks like an archaeological excavation site; I swear some of the stuff in my room needs to be carbon-dated.

    But on a more serious note, it's got white walls, decorated with posters of past research projects and objects I've collected during my travels, in one corner sits a whole bunch of musical instruments, in another corner sits a desk that's littered with papers relating to administration matters, in the other corner sits a whole bunch of draws containing clothes and scientific books, and in the other corner is the entrance.

    Opposite the large windows is where my bed stands and above that sits a car-radio/player I've installed, wired to 4 speakers around my room.

  • link


    and on the wall that you can't see (where the photo was taken from) there's like a 5x4 cloth map of the world (its cool it looks ancient and my grandfather gave it to me before he passed) and also there's a globe that an antique I think? it lights up from the inside as well and provides a really nice warm ambient light. there's a painting hanging that my ex made of me playing the guitar while laying on the floor with headphones on (ill upload the picture she got it from to my profile later) and that's about it? I generally try to keep my room really clean because I can't stand dirty rooms. also, I wish I had more posters so if anybody knows any websites where I could get huge bad ass art posters let me know!

    ps: I think people should post pics instead!

    • on and I just realized you can see the wall I'm talking about from one of the pics in my profile so you can see the map thinking I'm talking about :P

    • Pictures were a great idea! Better than any description lol, and I like your room : )

    • lol this question was a great idea. and thanks :)

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  • My walls are a kind of blue-green turquoise color that were like this when I moved in. Well, three of them. I bought some crimson red paint and STARTED painting my room, but got lazy part way through and only finished one wall. =P It clashes beautifully, haha. Generic tan carpeting. I have one window, with white curtains. I have a full size bed, but the boxspring and mattress are on the floor, because I don't currently have a frame, or a headboard or anything. But I'm okay with that, I just miss being able to stash things under my bed. On the wall that my bed's side is against, I hung a large mirror on its side, probably 3 feet tall by 4 feet wide. All the trim and doors in my room are the original mahogany-colored wood that's all over the house. My closet has sliding doors in the same wood, with a separate top shelf compartment above that has similar sliding doors. Both of these are always kept closed. I have a couch against the opposite wall from my bed, and it's mostly covered in random stuff I've dug through and left over there, or stuff I've put there simply so I know where to find it later. A set of three plastic drawers that I keep my socks and underwear and tights/scarves in, which doubles as a kind of nightstand, and has my lamp on it. I still have a few boxes stacked up near my closet. Next to my closet I have a bookshelf that is cram-packed, and then some. A second shelf is in order, because I also have stacks of books in various locations all over the room, just for lack of better place to put them.

    I also have a pink lawn flamingo. =]

    • those stash spots are necessary ;)

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    • Thanks for such a detailed reply : ) Your room sounds nice, and the best thing is I can actually picture it because you're so descriptive lol, sweet! I like the color of the walls especially.

    • Thanks! =]

  • Well,i have a studio apt...so it's not really separated.The bathroom is though.The theme of my apt is an "enchanted forest."

    The walls are still white(although they were going to be painted by various artists expressing what I see in my forest)so maybe I will work on that soon.:) I have white fairy lights and pine tree garland lining part of the living room. There are 2 lamps

    endtables,a matching coffee table(Mahogany). The love seat couch is burgendy with gold leaves. The curtains in the living toom are copper and pinkish purple. Faux copper flowers are adorning both ends of the curtain rod.

    My kitchen table is quaint,with two grandma wooden chairs that bring a rustic feel to this modern designed apartment.

    There are two vases full of tree branches that changes with the season as well as a tree(normally used for christmas).It stays up year round and the decor changes according to my mood or the season. My guitar sits on top of a wooden cabinet awaiting my strokes.

    My kitchen is pretty plain...with a couple of pots hanging on the walls.I do wish they too were copper. Near my fridge is my "thinking station". I keep my dry erase boards there and notes,reminders,or project ideas.

    My bedroom area,also white,is separated by purple and cream silky panels,that also change with the season.I have a queen sized bed,and above it blue fairy lights and the famous James dean quote about Dreaming and living as though you'll die today. There are some neon starts surrounding a light fixture.

    My bathroom is plain...but with betty boop shower curtains :)

  • Well my room used to be yellow with butterfly's. Now its a grayish color, makes the room feel cold and empty helps with my sleep, weird right.

    As for what's in there I have a dresser with a mirror, bed and a night stand not much furniture in there don't like unnecessary stuff in there. And just a basic belt in closet to the wall with sliding doors.

    And Shoes everywhere, guess I should fix that. [;

    • Well, if it helps you sleep cool. I have bunch of shoes too, my mom got fed up with them laying everywhere so she got me this rack thing haha

  • its white with random sh*t on the walls, and I have a blue bum chair, and a hammock and a bed, and a black drawer thing and a TV and a closet with a broken door.

  • Kind of aqua blue walls. White curtains on my 2 side windows and a big dome like window in the middle. White double doors and a double door walk in closet. My bed and night stand on one wall, book case, table and TV on another wall, and a mirror and dresser on the other wall long with a desk with my laptop on it.

    Lots of pictures of me, my friends, family, and boyfriend on the walls. And a ton of other random items scattered about. I have a big fan on my ceiling as it gets very hot in the summer here even with the AC on in my house. Lol my room is pretty messy right now, I need to clean:(

  • Hello Kitty paradise lol

  • a sh*t hole. :/

  • my walls are white but I have a pale green screen around my room. my curtains are gold, with brown and white circles throughout, it's very pretty. I have a huge 4 poster bed with gold bedspreads


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