What is "good looking?"

You here every day, that guy is hot or that girl is hot, but what does that mean? How would someone even know if they are ugly? If people claim that there is someone for everyone how would someone be classified as good looking or ugly? wouldn't everyone just be the same or average then? Because in a situation where one man is good looking and his friend is not to a particular group of girls, things can completely change when you bring in a group of different girls. The guy that was ugly to those girls could be a stud now and the once good looking friend would now be the 'ugly' one. So my question is how can you classify someone to be good looking or ugly?


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  • Hmm. I don't quite understand what exactly you're are asking and what you're expecting as a reply. But I'm bored so I'll type some stuff, hah.

    I personally don't think anyone is UGLY. I can always find something beautiful in everyone. (That sounds corny, but I can honestly say I've never looked at a person and thought 'eww they are ugly.')

    If you think about it, people CAN'T just be classified as attractive or ugly. Because, like you said, opinions vary. So you've basically answered your own question. When people are saying 'he/or she is so hot,' they're only talking about their own view. Yeah, others may agree, but not everyone will. Therefore, such a bold label cannot be placed upon them.


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  • Everyone has a different opinion. I think Nick Jonas is hot, but a lot of girls don;t. I think Johnny Depp is gross but tons of girls love him. I think it takes A LOT to classify someone as ugly. LIke they just have to be very unfortunate to be ugly in my book. But we all have certain things that attract us to a guy or girl, which will probably make those people who have those qualities might be more attractive to us. For example, I like blonde guys, and blonde guys appeal to me more than brown. BUt that doesn't mean brown headed guys are ugly to me. So as long as you have confidence in your appearance that is all that matter.

    byb the way what is oyur name? you look like someone I know.


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  • It's by personal preference. Like with food. Some people like pizza, some people don't. Some people are lactose intolerant and want no part of it, lol. Some people can't have enough, and start a pizza parlor, lol. See what I mean though. If you break pizza down, you can probably find a lot of things people like, that don't like the whole thing. Like your friends, if you have platonic friends that are of the opposite sex, they probably have some really good qualities that you like, just not overall attracted to them by personal preference. Then there are the people of the opposite sex who have a flavor of style, mentally and physically, that you're completely attracted to.