Girls, do you go out of your way to seek attention from good looking guys (even if your taken)?

I see many girls who either smile at, try to initiate conversation with or just in general gain attention from good looking guys. Most of these girls are either married or have boyfriends. I've also seen middle aged women do this. I've even seen women doing this whilst their boyfriend is with them and looking the other way. Is there a thing among females whereby if they see a very good looking guy, they seek a response from them without wanting to have a relationship with them.?

Please answer honestly


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  • well sometimes we are just seeing if they want us...I kind of like and think it's a bit exciting when they look at me while i;m with my guy ...the face of " why can't she be single? :@" they stare at me the whole when they check me out...and my guy sees that ...his reactions show me how much he truly cares...hmmmmmmmmm sometimes the girl could be in a dumb relationship and she is opening her options...or sometimes it's cause she just wants to eassure herself that she's totally attractive


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  • its not bad :-) we justlook around its not as if were going to cheat atall, we are just looking at other men to see, I guess its like a fantasy we look, admire, think bout, but never touch :-), that's it :-)x


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