What makes a girl high maintenance?

And what do you think about girls that you consider high-maintenance?
I'm being called this by a guy I'm dating and don't understand since I'm easy going, laugh a lot and have fun. Yes, I'm put together, successful, attractive, care about my appearance and where I like to go, but I hardly would say I'm annoying like this!


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  • I think I can be considered high maintenance. I like designer purses, nothing in my closet in under a certain price. I like fashion, I care about how I look. but that doesn't mean I expect or want the guy to buy these things for me. I can do that myself

    • Good point, I hear ya. I like nice things and there's nothing wrong with that, as long as you get it for yourself.

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  • Generally speaking when men think of a woman as high maintenance it's when we feel we have to constantly give in to her demands to make her happy. Also in the eyes of men these women tend to be unappreciative and materialistic. For example if a man picks a woman up in a Honda Accord and she says something like eww a Honda or I can only be seen in a Mercedes that's a high maintenance woman maybe an extreme example but you get the point.

    • :( I hope this guy doesn't think that about me! I don't act anything like that but I see what you're saying. I'll keep that in mind when I talk.

  • My definition of high-maintenance is... you want to be wine and dine all the time, buy expensive clothes and shoes, what to be pamper and etc. I wouldn't date a girl like that. I don't know you so don't take offense to my comment lol. Could you help me out with my question? link

    • I did and I don't take offense. I'm not like that so doesn't bother me.

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  • I think of high maintence as two different parts. One being where a woman takes 3 hours to get ready, can't decide what to wear and has to have high dollar designer clothes, shoes, purses, etc. The other is more relationship high maintence...needs constant attention and re-assurance from her man, unappreciateive as someone else mentioned, and wants to be treated like a queen and will settle for nothing less. That is my thought on it.

    • I like this, thank you! I'm curious which one he thinks of me as...

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