Looking for official IL knife laws.

I live in the city and a couple people I know have been mugged around my school and my building. I have a spring-loaded knife for the event that some thug lays a violent hand on me, but I'm hearing mixed things as to whether or not it's legal to carry it around. All the "official" knife laws for IL that I find say something different.

I'm pretty sure it's a felony to carry this because the blade is about 4.5" and spring-loaded. It only take a tiny little nudge to flick the blade out, but I'd like to be sure of the laws before I move on to an alternative. Does anybody have any info on this, or know where I can find some info?

(And just to clear up what at least one of you is most likely thinking: No, I'm not some punk that goes around looking for an excuse to stab somebody. I wouldn't even think of using it until someone was trying to physically harm me.)
Question has been answered as best as it can be, I guess. Mods can feel free to delete this.


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  • Why would you ask a question like that on this site lol? Don't take people's word for stuff like that, look up the actual law yourself and find out. The knife your describing sounds like assisted opening though, so I think your good, check out the law for yourself still.

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    • Dammit. Beat me to it. I refer people to Google through lmgtfy all the time.

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    • Ballistic (read: spring loaded) knives are always illegal.

    • I've been told you can get a license to carry one but I don't know if that's true. I thought it had some validity since I literally just strolled into the store, bought it, and walked back out, but according to the first result from that link it's illegal for the store to even be selling it.

      Those are some pretty stupid f***ing laws, assuming they're official. They seem almost DESIGNED to give bad people the upper-hand.

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