What are the things that girls do that annoy guys the most?

Just say whatever comes to mind...these are examples though: 1. Annoying when they say they're fat (whether they are or not). 2. Annoying when they talk about clothes, shoes, hair too much. 3. Annoying when girls say "that's cute" often...basically anything that bugs you or turns you off that girls say or do.


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  • First, about the examples you gave: the fat thing is just a self-esteem/reassurance thing, so I don't really find it that annoying; personally boring stuff like that is a great diving board for jokes and more meaningful conversation; and I think repetitiveness of any phrase is annoying, not so much "that's cute" in and of itself (imagine if I used the phrase "not so much" > 3 times in this post to get an idea of what I mean).

    For girls I don't know yet, the most annoying thing they can do is immediately frown or otherwise display a look of disinterest (rarely disgust) before I finish my first sentence. It conveys that they are distrustful and arrogant, as in "He's only talking to me because he wants ___."

    Otherwise, negative, petty gossip is pretty annoying. Not to say you shouldn't talk about things that trouble you, just please be more selective.

    Finally, extreme exaggeration - unless it's a joke, of course. A humorless example is: "Traffic was terrible! M y life SUCKS!" Note the specific example is doubly worse when the speaker is 30 min late and does not attempt to apologize.

    Ah, didn't think I had that much to say when starting this post.

  • When she says she wants to break-up but she kids when she says it. This pisses me off to no end.

    • Ha, OK thanks...good to know!

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