Girls, would you ever comment on a guys appearence if you didn't find him attractive?

Would you ever make casual, neutral comments about a guy's appearance if you didn't find him attractive? Like not a guy you're really close enough with to rag on like a friend, I mean a guy you only kind of know and occasionally hang out with. And by "neutral comments" I mean something like commenting on how he didn't really get dressed up/is wearing really casual clothes or say something like "Your hair is really messy," but in a non judgmental, simple observation kind of way.

And note that I mean APPEARANCE and not looks. Like how he presents himself.


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  • Well, if the guy *always* appeared like that, I wouldn't comment but if it was all of a sudden, then I'd wonder what the deal was, regardless if I'm attracted.

    But, I've had guy friends who had style so commenting on their appearance/outfit choice sometimes had nothing to do with my attraction or lack thereof.

    Haha, this doesn't help much, huh?

    • No it helps. It's not what I was hoping for but it helps, lol. I only ask because this girl occasionally makes passing comments on how I look sometimes. They're never particularly mean OR nice, but it still made me wonder why she kept commenting. She has called me cute before, but it was only after I got dumped so I assumed it was simply her trying to cheer me up. She's really cute herself but I would NEVER date her (personality), but I was still just wondering if it's something girls would do.

    • Well, if anything, she's noticing your appearance. Most of the time, if I wasn't attracted to a guy, I wouldn't care but if we were good platonic friends, then I would comment like I would to my brother or something. But, she's called you cute so there is some attraction on her end.

  • If he's wearing something that looks good on him or just something interesting I might comment on it, complement him or something. Or, if he has a new hairstyle or is dressing differently I'd say something to acknowledge it. I don't really make random neutral comments though, and especially not negative ones.


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