How to get more toned?

Especially core. I do 100+ pushups a day (in sets), work out 3-4 times a week (run 2-3 mi., some upper body weights, static holds, etc.) but still doesn't seem like my core/stomach area is toned at all. What do I need to add/change?

(I'm not large at all, fairly small-framed, about 5'4"/164cm and close to 125lbs/about 56kg)

Thoughts or tips/ideas?

Thanks in advance


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  • If its fat you're trying to loose then cut any fatty acids and unecessary calories out of your diet if it's just defenition you need then there's any number of exercises for your abdominals which I'm positive you know all about anyway.

    One thing I would say Is a possibility is creatine, it's a (great) supplement that increases the water retention of your muscles. There's no evidence of side effects from long term usage although for best results do it in cycles (2 weeks on, 2 weeks off) if you do use it you will get muscle gains and increased strength everywhere, it assists building abs quite well I think.

    If you do take creatine then do drink a lot of water, a few litres per day. And take the creatine 1 hour before your workout, it takes 1 hour to enter the body and remains in the body for 1.5hours.

    Best of luck..


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  • How's your diet?

    It really does depend on your body type...guys carry more muscle/fat ratio so if you're aiming for the six pack, I know some guys need to up their cardio.

    Do you build muscle easily or are on the leaner side? When you say not toned, do you just mean your six pack isn't showing? I'm assuming you at least don't have a beer belly.

    You can do all the weights you want but if you drink beer all the time, eat sh*tty food, then the abs won't show underneath the layer of fat.

    Maybe try implementing protein powder if that would work for you.

    Consider working out 5-6 days a week for a month or so just to experiment if you'll see a difference. You might be hitting a plateau and need to change things up, too.

    I know I'm not a guy but I work out, have male friends/dated guys who had amazing bods, haha. But they had to work @ it, experiment, and figure out what worked for them.

    • ah. yeah, I'm on the lean(er) side (takes awhile for me to build muscle)

      don't eat a ton, but I probably could try changing up what I do eat. thanks

  • Try changing up yourroutines, when you do the same things your muscles get used to it. And maybe try dinking protien shakes, my friend did that along with exercise and it helped


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  • Getting toned has a lot to do with nutrition man, here's what you do

    work out on a calorie deficit, but still do weights

    • also, while you're on your on your calorie deficit, be sure to take a daily multi-vitamin

  • It all depends on your goals man.

    what kind of body you trying to get... ex. ryan reynolds, arnold, or some triatlete with abs?

    have a specific goal and I can help you more...

    1) you cannot target fat so doing 100000 sit up a day will not help you get your abs (actually it will help but only a bit).

    You need to monitor calories needed and burned ( you need to be in a caloric deficit to get cut)

    To not get in too much detail, an easy way to start off is calculate your daily caloric intake now and try to knock off 200 (if you are already pretty lean) if you are bigger (higher body fat %) knock off 500 calories. then as weeks progress make adjustments. Read up on forums ect. is great. not everything there is just for bodybuilders... great stuff on getting cut.


  • You're not doing anything that matters for the core. If you do 100 situps and a few hundred russian twists a day, you'll have a 6 pack in no time.

  • These are two exercises that Bruce Lee did link

    They seem simple but are extremely effective


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