What kind of girls are you looking for?

Question for the guys what kind of girls are you looking for?

physical appearance and also her features

answer !


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  • this can change with age. but I'm 20. I would like a girl that would kinda be my type, but I like it if she is flirtatious but only with me. I don't mind if she has guy friends. good physical appearance is a plus. hahaha sounds like a resume. but someone I could be with, is what I like the most. leading on or very openly flirtatious with other guys is a minus. I don't really mind if she is not pretty. make up can change how people look a lot.

  • Many guys look for many different things. Personally I am more of a guy to like girls with beautiful long hair great eyes slim slender body and great ambitions in life to be sucessful. A hard working girl mabe in school or working her way up in a company. Also what would make a women special is if she would limit her self to boyfriends and sex, because ifyou have a girl who slept around and your trying to fall in love with her after having all these attributes than she's almost worth nothing.


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