Can I go blonde? would this work?

My hair is naturally dark blond. about a year ago I made a mistake by bleaching it and I've redyed it several times. right now my hair is a light/medium reddish brown and I want it to be a light/medium blond. I can't afford to go to a salon so I want to do this myself but I don't want to bleach it. there are a lot of box dyes to make your hair light blond but will they work on color treated hair? without bleaching my hair? I really need help. thanks


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  • Nope, only way to go lighter is bleach. What I would suggest is just leave it alone and let it grow out on it's own. It you use good quality dyes/bleaches then your hair should be fine. Also if you use them properly. I have highlights in the lower layer of my hair of red, yellow and orange and I have to re-dye them every month to five weeks if I want to keep them looking brights. I've never had problems with dead hair or damaged hair. I know how to use it and I know what brands to buy so it's alright.

    So here's what I suggest, your hair will grow out it's natural color, and, with normal washing (every other day, that's the best way) the color should start to fade out on it's own as well. However, if it's bleached underneath that won't wash out and you'll just have to wait for your hair to grow out full before it goes back to normal.

    So, don't try bleach on your own, it's really easy to f*** up and destroy your hair, mind you that isn't too big a deal because it'll grow back soon enough, but it's still not pleasant. So just leave it, and if you ever want to dye it again try temporary dyes or semi-perminant so that it'll wash out faster if you don't like it. And don't bleach unless you absolutely have to.


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  • I think you should just regrow your natural color. I don't know why, but for some reason, if a girl dyes her hair, she loses something, even if the new color does look "better." Just be proud of your natural beauty, and life will suddenly seem a lot simpler.

  • youll never pull it off

  • u should avoid hair dyes. as they slowly kill your hair. I've done it a couple times and I'm losing hair because of it. you really should stay your natural color. guys who like brunettes/dirty blondes will like you for you

    • not if you look after your hair they don't, if you colour it and don't look after it the hair becomes damaged and breaks easily, although there is nothing wrong with anyones natural colour, unless your prematurely grey like me :(

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    • well I have been going grey since I was 24, at that age you don't want to have grey hair ! but I have coloured it for 6 years now and it is still healthy thick and shiny, so as long as your after care is good it doesn't kill it, bleaching is what causes the real damage, especially do it yourself jobs

    • exactly

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  • if you want to go lighter on already dyed hair the only way to do it is bleach, I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself if you have already bleached it once and changed colours a lot you could end up damaging hair, I know if you go to a salon they can put something on to take the dye out and go back to your natural colour but I am not sure if you can do that yourself ? by the way the boxes of dye that lighten your hair do contain bleach


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