If a guy likes you he'll stand nearby?

yeah so at lunch the guy I like was standing nearby with his friends. they also all turned around and looked at me at one point.

oh, he was also facing me the way he was standing with his friends (there were 4 of them so in a square)

This is the first time this has happened but could it be a sign that he's interested?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I chose other, but when you're attracted to someone or thing you tend show body language towards that person/thing. So I'd say Yeah it's true .. but to a certain degree, not like.. Guy: (Thoughts) Damn that's girl is cute, I like her let me move closer

    Girl: O_O ? :X :O :P What is this guy doing? Does he like me?



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What Guys Said 2

  • It could, but it could just be how stuff happened today. If you see him looking at you all the time then it'd be more likely but this is the first time? Be careful not to overanalyze stuff too much

    • its not the first time he's looked at me or his friends have, just the first time he's stood close

  • It could. Not certain though.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think there's a few variables to take into account, but it's a good start...


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