I adore this guy and want it to work. XD Is this a good sign or not?

2 years of relationship. 2 months of break up. I always knew he still had feelings for me and didn't give up. Trying to restart. He was enthusiastic about it. I was too, but also felt like I had to be cautious. Everything seemed fragile. After seeing each other one day, I overreact about something, expecting too much, which hurts his feelings. I am sorry for it immediately afterward and realize how I had no reason to feel like that. Happened one time too many, he overreacts by another break or break up. Over one day. Saying he has opposite feelings about me. He said this during the 2 month break up, but it was out of anger and it turns out his feelings were always the same. I know tell him, if we're with each other, I know you care. No more of that insecure bullsh*t. No more of that crap to deal with. We have a normal conversation. Talk about life. He says he'll think about it. My plan is to not contact him. Within 2 weeks, I probably will. But, what do you think? And yes, this is ridiculous. I want a normal, stable relationship with him! =) Is it wrong to be hopeful?


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  • Well he didn't say no so he'll probably give it another go when he gets his head together. Maybe if you both get back together you can sit down and talk about things you both need to change. Like if you can both agree to disagree on certain things without getting angry at each other that would be a great start. A good relationship is all about good communication with each other. Give him a short break and then maybe ask him if you can have have a coffee with him and talk somewhere.

    Hey I hope you don't mind but can you please answer my question? I saw that you gave an honest answer a few weeks ago to a similar question on here link

    Thank you

    • I hope so. I think we're past talking about problems. We know them already and it's such a headache and it's been gone through too often. But, the communication thing is a really great point. And to be calm and considerate about it too. Great advice, thanks!

    • No problem :) I hope you both work things out. And thank you too for answering my question.

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