What is Kim Kardashian's hair color??

Ive seen some that say dark chocolate, etc...I'm a brunette but I want it darker, but NOT black...


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  • I would say Kims hair color is darkest brown with a violet blue base,you can go to a beauty supply that sells hair color and ask them for a dark brown with blue violet or violet blue base and that should put you close, keep in mind that you have to take in consideration the pigment of your hair. Each makers colors vary slightly. Good Luck

    • haha I read something where it said blue chocolate, and I was like what the heck! THANXX!

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    • heyyyy! I just came across a website that said your exact "answer"...Did you do research to find that answer! hahahaha! that's great! you get BEST ANSWER! thanks again!

    • Let's just say Google is great =P Thanks for Best Answer =)

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