More attractive outfit for night club?

Going to a nightclub and deciding between two diff styles...

what's sexier and would be more attractive to...

1. Fitted white or black Button button dress shirt (H&M) with fitted skinniesh dark grey pants and nice pointy black dress shoes.


2. Cool white t-shirt with sexy girl on biting her lip on it, (says Plastic Society on top of the girl) with the fitted skinniesh dark gray pants and g-star semi-dressy runners.

Which one would you find sexier and more attractive on a guy in a nightclub... I look good in both outfits.

Thank You


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  • haha, if you would look good in both outfits, go with number one, guys who wear that type of outfit are like HOTTT, maybe just not the nice shoes, black converses or sneakers can be pulled off easily while wearing that type of outfit.

    • thanks... black shirt or white? lol... I'm so indecisive

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    • Light pink...or still black?

    • lmao, wow you are indecisive lol, I still like the black, or a blue

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  • the first... defiantly...

  • # 1 ...


What Guys Said 1

  • bro, rock the dress shirt, if you're in shape, it can accentuate your "v-shape" and makes your shoulders look broader (or at least it does for me)

    the dress shirt + jeans has never failed me :) and dress shoes add class to so I say go with it


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