Signs that a guy likes you while pretending not to.

I'm curious, because one of my guy friends tells me he is seriously into one of our girl friends in our group but seems to act nothing like it around her. She also doesn't even know. Is this possible? For a guy to like a girl but not even let anything slip? I know one of his concerns was that things could get awkward amongst us all, and that she may not even like him back, which is why he holds back. Otherwise, normally he is a confident, not socially awkward type.

For example, could you still tell by their frequency of talking to you, or smiling at you, etc etc...? What other signs?


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  • Depends on how much he likes her I think. Body language usually gives a lot away whether someone wants it to or not, on a subconscious level. Maybe he glances at her when he thinks she isn't looking? And usually in a group, a guy who is really interested will point his body in the direction of his interest, unless there is something distracting him from doing a wall, or he would be facing the opposite direction than everyone else and it would be awkward, etc.


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