Heavy Red site...your opinion of the merchandise?

I'm thinking of ordering a few hoodies, a blouse, gloves and a dress or coat from Heavy Red site.

Have you ever ordered something off of Heavy Red page?

If so, what is the quality of the clothing?

Does it stretch, does the color fade too quickly, does it shrink a bit when washed, are the sized as described (or perhaps a bit smaller/bigger)?

What is your overall opinion of the brand?



Most Helpful Guy

  • Excellent quality for sure, but overpriced just the same.


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  • ive actually done a lot of my shopping on amazon and the clothes there are really great. You can tell if its good by reading reviews about it from other people who recently purchased it. Or simply by the 5 * rating.

    Last month I bought some color assorted tightie whities. Best pair of underwear I've owned lol


What Girls Said 1

  • Agh, I've been a big fan of Heavy Red for yeeeears, but I've still yet to order anything from them. =[ Mostly for the same reason's you're asking about.


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