I like this guy and I want to tell him I like him. Gentlemen, please help!!!

Hey Guys,

So I like this guy and I want to tell him I like him. I'm the type of person that is super not shy and am out there with it. But with this guy I get deer in the headlights syndrome. Lol. So I don't know when I'm going to see him again, but that's when I plan on telling him because I want to be open with him ASAP... So would it be the same if I just text him or send it as a chat thing of majiggy? Because I really don't know when I'll see him, and I'm super not down to tell him on Valentine's Day... That's whack! Please let me know what you think. Thanks in advance! :)


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  • haha whack?... anywho, there are ways you can tell a guy that you like him without telling him. Try implying it to him and see what his reaction is. Smile at him constantly, Sit next to him, Be around him alot, etc. Figure out his feelings back thro his body language. If he cuddles with you, then he's DEFIDENTLY interested

    • Yeah man... I don't like corny stuff like that...

      Lol that's the thing...I can't hang out with him if I don't see him around... Dude like he always tells me what he's up to when I see him like "I'm going to the library blah blah blah" and I get so nervous I can't say "hey can I join you?" omg just thinking about it makes me nervous... I tend to kinda ignore him, yes I know it's bad but that's why I gotta tell him...

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    • yeah, but make sure he shows a little interest too. Itd be a bummer if he doesn't feel the same way, ya know? because it sucks when your the one that gets a broken hear, am I right?

    • At this point, I am indifferent. I know what it's like to feel rejected by/ pushed away from him already, so this is like the last thing I must do for a reality check. Either it goes somewhere I want it to go, or I learn that I'm wasting my time and look somewhere else. I'm okay with both. I just want to move on from the current situation I'm in.

Valentines Day

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  • So, why so obligated to say you like him?

    Just like him and act accordingly, doesn't that save you energy?

    You're probably stuck wanting to get that little bit out and its locking you up. That's the issue. But really, just take it up a notch and if you really like him, take him home with you. Show him a good time in the bedroom.

    What says 'I like you' more than that?

    • Hahaha... I would, but after two years of interacting with him, I think I should just tell him... :)

  • If your in high school I the it'd be cute to call him or tell him over text just because your a girl if your a guy than it's a big no no but if your older you gotta do it in person, I'm just saying that because a lot of people lie bout their age here

    • LMAO... Yeah... I'm not in HS... I'm older... And that's why I want to tell him in person

  • text?NO! email?NO!

    hand written letter?YES! face to face talking? Yes!

    blunt honest no fear communication? BEST!

  • deer in the headlights syndrome is a killer lol, I hate it. =)

    • I know! Hahaha... I think that's the best way to put it as... Cause it feels weird... Hahaha

    • yeah that is a perfect example of what it feels like =)

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Valentines Day