What is so captivating about bigger eyes?

We were having this girl discussion about statistics, and attractive attributes etc, I guess big eyes was one of the most attractive features on a woman's face. Then these girls started saying they want to get surgery to make their eyes bigger/make drastic changes on themselves.

So I asked why and this girl went on telling me that "Well not everyone is like you, you have big eyes and nice long eye lashes" and then everyone went on a rampage about how they wish they had big eyes and what not, and then like verbally attacking me, because I said eye surgery was stupid. I guess I have big eyes, whatever, they're brown and ugly.

So I don't understand what the big deal is, my eyes aren't that serious to me. I personally think light colored almond shaped eyes are beautiful and I wish I had them. I also wish my eye lashes were shorter so they didn't always get in my eye every 5 seconds.

Anyways, what I want to know is, is that statistic true do men really find big eyes all that attractive or was she just being dramatic?


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  • I heard that men do like larger eyes because it represents youth...etc.And whiter eyes represent good health. I have large almond shaped eyes...whatever.I think your friend is going a bit far,and as many women are doing,once again feeding into the media and what the media thinks is attractive.


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  • Hahaha. No ones ever happy. They were being ****s though, although so were you when you were saying the surgery they wanted was stupid.

    • But don't you think it's stupid too? Like why would you want to do that?

    • If you want big eyes. I find all aspects of cosmetic surgery absolutely fascinating. Like seriously, they can change the size of your f***ing eyes. That's insaneee! If I have the money I might get it done cos I have a sort of droopy eye, but I probably couldn't be bothered. I mean, surgery's a bit heavy, hahaha. I don't think that needs to happen. But that's me, you know.

      Its not me who hates their eyes, hahaha.

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  • I have almond shaped eyes even though I'm not Asian and I always get compliments on them.

    I think it depends on what part of the world and things like that.I know quite a few Asians who don't like their eyes,but in America that's usually seen as exotic.Idk.

  • Well large eyes are definitely attractive. I have big brown eyes and my lashes are kind of long but I wouldn't want anything different. I think if I had amber colored eyes it would be amazing! lol but yeah..

  • Attractive eyes aren't always necessarily big, it has to do with shape too. I get complimented on my eye shape a lot because I'm Asian...obviously.

    And long lashes make your eyes pop too. So it's about the eyes overall, not just size.

    • You're Korean aren't you?Koreans tend to have the prettiest shape.I like the shape,it's cool

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    • Aww, your eyes are so lovely lol js

    • Haha thanks Evangelina and QA. :)

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