I feel like no one cares about me, and how I feel?

Every time my 14 year old sister gets mad at me for something SHE did, she always calls me dumb. I know that as a 18 year old female I should be more mature, and shouldn't let things like this get to me. But, I feel like it's not just because she's angry but because she really feels that way. My whole life I've had people trying to treat me like I'm stupid, just because I'm the quiet type and don't always let people know I know things. When I do let them know I know things they think I'm showing off, or acting like I know everything. It seems everyone wants to talk to me when they have problems or want my opinion on "how they look in something", they ask me. But when I want to talk they don't want to hear it, or if I ask how I look in something they get a nasty attitude and start yelling. And I'm the type of person that if I think a female look nice(not in a homosexual way, because I'm a heterosexual female), I will compliment them. And I don't do it because I think "oh yea, I want someone to call me pretty."But people never compliment me. I'm not an attention whore, but it's nice to have people compliment you every now and then. Most of the time I feel like no one wants to be around me...What should I do to help me stop worrying about what other think of me, and how they feel? I mean I do want to feel like people actually care, but don't want to worry so much.

I don't know what to do...


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  • People are assholes and will segregate persons who are different or disabled. I was treated like s**t in elementary and middle school just because I was deaf in my right ear and had to wear hearing-aids. Then broke a guys nose and 3 of his ribs when he pulled the last string left on my body. That stopped it.

    But I'm not saying to kick someones ass, I'm saying that haters gonna hate,so just ignore them, they see the damage they do to you and continue since they like seeing other people more sad than they are. So just ignore them.


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  • Man, younger sisters can be real ballbusters can't they? =)


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  • I have had friends who treated me like crap and liked to make fun of me call me stupid "playfully" even though it really annoyed me I tried to laugh it off,tell them to stop,ignore what their saying none of those worked and one day they were making fun of me "playfully" it was a bad day so without thinking I told them that I'm not taking no more crap from them and if they don't want to treat me right then somebody else will and I wouldn't need them they laughed at me first said that I was pretending to be sad I didn't talk to them from then next day they came to me and said they were sorry I was actually very surprised that they actually were sorry after that they never called me stupid or treated badly

    really never settle for less! you deserve to surround yourself by good people trust me that would make you a happier person :)


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