Am I really that ugly?

ok, I'm not jealous or owt, but my ex left me for this lad who I consider to be not that nice lookin, I allways thought I was better looking than him( I'm not big headed), and she allways used to say I was too good for her, but why would she leave me for an ' uglier ' lad, or am I that ugly :S


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  • she probably likes his personality and not his looks?


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  • I don't think people even care much about looks if they like someone. Maybe she has more things in common to him than you. Not to make you feel bad, but maybe he seem to care more about the things she says do or just her in general

    • surely 3 and half years is long enough to care about someone. oh well. I am not guna dwell on anything no more. not point in worrying, I can't do owt else now. never mind.

    • Sorry if I have upset you, but I guess that just the way you asked the question which mainly notes on the physical aspect of the person rather than his personality that makes me feel like you don't care as much. There are just many reasons for a breakup and I guess at the end of the day, its because it may be for the better for both you and her in the long run. I'm glad that you are not going to dwell on this and move on. gl with everything

  • maybe she likes his personality better...


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