On new years eve I lost a tooth, any good stories?

On new years eve I lost 1 tooth lol

On new Years Eve, I got super drunk. I don't remember what happened that night but when I woke up I didn' have 1 tooth lol No one remembers that night

People ask me what happened to my tooth. I need a good/cute story =)

I got braces now and I'm planning to get a fake tooth but for now I need to make up a cute story

Help me out please =)


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  • One day you were sitting in a beautiful meadow deep in the Candy Cane Forrest. As you were sitting there, pondering upon how exactly DID they pack so much real cheesy flavor into those cheez -its, you were temporarily blinded like a mouse by a flash of beautiful blond hair. Intrigued by this you stood and wondered into the woods. Flash! There it was again! You turn around in confusion only to be confronted with the most beautiful being your eyes have ever seen! A fair maiden! Oh-la-la! It was instant love at first sight and yada-yada-yada she feels the same way and you both prance off hand-in-hand to the chapel to be married.

    However, in the midst of all this glory you fail to notice the big bad wolf prowling in the distance! HOWWWWWOOOOLLL! you hear the wolf cry! "Oh no!" cries your maiden, clinging to your side like static panties on a wool sweater. "It's the big bad wolf! He's after me!"

    Feeling manly you falsely reassure her "Don't worry puffle cakes, your safe with me!" just as the wolf snatches you from your arms! "Nooooo!" you cry, but it is no use. She is gone.

    Crying and sniffling like a wee baby you wonder down the path in a heartbroken confusion when suddenly you see the tooth fairy! "Hey! Hey! Can you help me?" you shout. You quickly explain your story of how the wolf stole your maiden and you would do anything, anything to get her back.

    "I will grant you your wish on one condition" she says. "You give me your front tooth"

    "Deal!" you shout. So she quickly collects your tooth and POOF! your dear maiden returns. You get married have ten children and live happily ever after on a liquid diet because you can't really eat solids anymore.

    • awwww hahaha that's a cute story haha

      thanks :) You need to start writing stories lol

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  • :hahahahha sounds funny lol... but lacking tooth looks funny... maybe you got your tooth all by yourself by pliers lol

  • lmao. someone elbowed you?

    • My friend who is a criminology student and who was at that party launched an "investigation" lol...

      I wasn't elbowed that's for sure ha ha :)

    • I hope you figure out what actually happened. But, yeah, watch out on your drinking. So, he'll be asking questions to the people at the party? XD Sounds fun.

  • Make up a cute story? That's a tough one :/. Your story is funny, you lost your tooth while you where drunk, who does that? Haha. Didn't you watch the hangover? On another note maybe you shouldn't drink more. Stay safe.

    • yeah I watched it ha ha but I would never do anything crazy like that guy did... he pulled his tooth with a construction pliers hahaha

      That night I vowed to stick to Champagne only haha

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    • lol no one would do that haha

      my friends are normal people :) we all were wasted and we didn't stay at one place only since it was a new years eve

      what you told me sounds like an episode from a scary movie lol

    • It is scary, you have a missing tooth! Lol

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