Wear what I want, but can't at the same time?

I like to wear clothes that are kinda out of the norm, like Japanese punk (google image "sex pot revenge" it's a japanese punk brand), and my fiance says he doesn't care just as long as I don't wear it out in public 'cause I embarrass him. I want to respect his wishes, but he also says he wants me to wear what I like. So...how can I do that when what I want to wear embarrasses him?

Yes, I love him. Yes, we're going to be married. And yes, I want to respect his wishes, but it's confusing what he wants. It's like I"m in a pickle!
Also, can anyone explain to me why this is in the "sexuality" category when I originally up the "other" option?


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  • That look is FAR from embarressing & it's YOU! You need to talk to him about it, tell him you're caught in a bind, & it's keeping you from being who you truly are! If he's a decent guy, he'll back off or work something out where you both can be happy...


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  • 7 words you should tell him... This is me, accept it or don't. That's my motto anyway.


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  • well you know its your style and all, but I'm sure if your fiance walked around in something that really embarased you ud feel awkward being near him out in public, get real don't say if I love him idc what he wears, that's bs, it should be like that, but in reality its not. id nevr wanna walk around with my boyfriend if he dressed really weird, even tho it sounds really shallow and stupid, its society, everyone judges so you have to try to do your best to not let anyone have anything to talk about, "who gives a sh*t what people say"? you do! people say they don't but every word hurts them, id never walk around half naked because I find it hot, no because id be calld a slut, but you can still keep your style, just make it a little different, keep your style don't CHANGE yourself, just don't wear anything that's too weird for your fiance atleast. I hope I made sense.,. if not, lolll tell me ill explain it again


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