I want to quit my job...

I work part time for Abercrombie & Fitch. I've worked there for 2 1/2 years. It's been nice to have a flexible schedule and I jump from my store at school to my store at home which is really nice. But managers are pretty much completely incompetent and make simple things seem like rocket science. I also hate making girls feel like their fat because our clothes run small. I'm graduating in May, there's not much in the store I could wear after I graduate. I always knew it was a shallow company but in the past few months it's really started to bother me. I want to focus on getting out of school with a job, not folding T-shirts for a few extra dollars every few weeks. My parents give me money once a week and working is just like a little bonus on top of that.

I don't like portraying this image to teenage girls that in order to fit in you need to be a 0 or 2. I hate telling really nice, pretty girls that we don't have their size and that they should try a different store.

Working there also makes me feel bad too. When I started college as a freshman I weight 100 lbs. Now as a senior I constantly go between 105 and 110. I'm only 5'0 so I know it's not that much but working there makes me feel like I constantly need to lose weight. I go to the gym for my minimum wage job, not because I want to be healthy. I'm on all these machines thinking "I need to be a 0 not a 1, 1 is too big." Even when I look in the mirror I just feel fat now. Part of it may just be me but I feel like my job isn't helping. Everytime I go to work I feel like I weight 200 lbs. not 105ish lbs. I feel like I should be in the gym all the time losing weight but no weight ever comes off. I look at the numbers on the scale and I know I can't be fat but I feel huge when I look in the mirror. I feel like it's all because of my job and I'm just so tired of trying to be the perfect weight all the time
I quit this morning and I'm looking forward to enjoying my last semester of college...and hopefully getting a job where I don't have to look a certain way or get paid by the hour


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  • First of all, you do sound like a genuinely good person with a conscience about things. A conscience is something a lot of people don't seem to have these days.

    If you feel like your job is a toxic environment to you, and it certainly does sound like it, I agree.. you definitely need to find something different. If you are able to live off of the $100 a week from your parents quite comfortably, by all means go ahead a jump ship soon. Not considering rent, car payments, utilities and such, $100 a week is pretty easy to live off of. Maybe that's just me, but I'm frugal and I have a kid to pay for. You'll just have to go with the necessities if it's tight. If you want more wiggle room, tough it out for a few more weeks and save a few paychecks up. I decided I was going to quit my job a month before hand and put what I could of my paychecks into savings. I put back 1k which I knew would be able to get me through for a little while, while taking into account emergencies like vehicle repairs or doctor's visits since I didn't have insurance. Stuff like that. You sound pretty confident that $100/wk is more than enough for you, however.

    But, do you really think quitting your job is going to solve the issues you have with your self image? I don't think it's going to be the solve all, but it just might help more than I think to put yourself into an environment that is less superficial. I do hope so.


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  • Hey you are confused I think, you wana change a job, because you don't want to pack cloths , and you think you are fat,

    if you think you just wana leave your job , so do it, :)

  • As long as you're going to be fine financially then go for it. Size 0 and 2 sounds weird though. Unless guy clothes are more normal than girls are.

  • quit then


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  • I think first you have to evaluate your financial situation as well as think ahead.If you do quit,say next week,where would you be financially?And what would be your next job project(even if it's just until May)?

    I think you should probably start lining up other possible jobs to fill the time and quit.I hear it's hard to get anywhere with A&F,like even business wise.

    I think when your job begins to affect your self esteem and you begin seeing things beyond "make money," then you've grown out of it and should quite just for your mental health.A job shouldn't affect your self esteem or make you self conscious.

    • My parents give me $100 a week (maybe too much but I'm not about to tell them that). I don't need more clothes than I already have and lately when I got to the bar with my friends I spend less than $10. I have a friend that works at ruby tuesday, I'm really friendly and I could be a good waitress but I'm just over working for such a shallow company

    • Getting over it was bound to happen,I'm sure it's nice when you're young and need the $$ but as you get older,it becomes...old I guess.If you can cut back and make sure you spend your allowance correctly then perhaps that is what you should do and take up a job offer as a waitress.I've heard A&F is generally flexible for college students,so flexibility could possibly be a problem with any other job,but you would simply have to negotiate or whatever.

    • Congratulations

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