Do I come across quite intimidating to guys?

Ok so I'm a pretty laid back girl, with a rather sarcastic sense of humor. I tend to go around in jeans, t-shirt and sneakers, nothing too fancy. I've only really had one boyfriend and I would like to date more, so I was wondering if my personality intimidates some guys?


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  • Not sure on personality, depends on how you act around guys. As for vision the way you dress doesn't matter that much. I'm a metal head I go around in army-style boots, jeans, leather jackets, only dark clothes with tons of dark eyeshadow, but a lot of guys find me attractive and try to hit on me XD (she said ever so modestly) The sarcastic sense of humor could intimidate, especially if the joke is on the guy. You'll figure it out ;) TRy adding a tiny bit of flirtatiosness to your usual self. Don't overdo it with the talking, standing out, defending your pride, morals and principles. Girls like you should behave in a way that says I'm laid back, I'm different, I dress how I like, BUT I'm still a girl and that won't change. If you act manly in front of guys that is not good. (I know it from my own experience XD ) If you act manly you become just a friend or worse get ignored. Anyways just pick out the guuys who would understand and appreciate your company :)

    • I'm not sure if I'd call myself manly, there are times when I can be a complete girl, squealing and giggling or whatever mehehe. I'm usually pretty bubbly. But yeah I can get very defensive sometimes and I have this annoying habit of crossing my arms across my chest or bouncing my leg from time to time. I am also known to swear like a sailor hmmm hahaha but yeah I'll defiantly give some of what you said ago hehehe thanks for your comment!

    • I'd give up on the swearing, that's not suitable for anyone...

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