Does this mean Guy B is more attractive than guy A?

Guy A: 22 years old. never been on a date, never had a girlfriend, still a virgin and only kissed one girl. Been rejected by every girl he has asked out on a date (about 4 girls) and can't attract girls. Finds it hard to get a girlfriend. Sometimes complimented on his looks but nothing serious.

Guy B: 19 years old. Now has his 4th or 5th girlfriend. Many girls love him and he can easily get a girlfriend, but he is not a player at all.. Always complimented on his looks and girls are very drawn to him in general. Seems to attract girls easily.

So, does this generally make Guy B more attractive (physically) than Guy A? And does this make him better and more desirable inthe dating world?

Assume both had equally great personalities.


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  • It does not necessarily mean he's more attractive physically. It means his personality is more attractive and it means he is comfortable with women/knows how to attract them. So yes, that makes him better and more desirable in the dating world. There is a reason Guy A has never been on a date and he's always been rejected. It probably has to do with his confidence and lack of knowledge as to what girls desire. But given that information, I would say Guy B is more attractive because just as there is a reason why guy A keeps getting rejected, there is also a reason why guy B keeps getting accepted. And if he's not a player, that's even better.

    • Sounds like Guy A should just give up now and be resigned to a life of singleness...

    • Lol...OR he could do what the successful guys do and work on improving their confidence and find out what girls find attractive? Why is it that guys who aren't naturally good at it always get so dramatic and say they might as well give up and be single for ever? There is another option.

  • i agree with vmw2008, guy B is more confident. some people say confidence is "sexy", but it still doesn't mean that guy A isn't attractive, he's attractive in his own way:)


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