Do guys care what girls wear?

I wake up every morning stressed on trying to wear something really cute for the guys! I want to know do guys really care on what girls wear.cuz sometimes I want to put on jeans and throw any kind of shirt on , but I know everyone is into the fashion and I don't want to look like a dork in front of the guys.HELP!


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  • Well, I was a weird one and I was always turned on by what girls wore; and I don't mean I expected girls to wear mini skirts, but if I saw a girl that dressed differently from everybody else, then that would catch my attention; most guys however, don't really care about what you wear. Of course, if you dress slutty, then sure, guys will care.back in hs, there were couple of girls that dressed like total sluts and by that I mean that sometimes they didn't put a bra on, or panties on, so we would always check them out to see what they would be revealing on a given day; other than that, I don't remember any of my guy friends in hs noticing what girls wore.

  • defiantly required, maybe its just me as a fashion student but you always will hv better chance when you look more fashionable.

    guys look to see pretty girl

    believe me, guys that you find attractive, they make effort too, it helps to just think about what to wear before you fall to sleep


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