Fitness, How to get a great bikini for my body?

Hey guys, I wanna tone up now for spring break and summer.

I am 5'4, about 128 pounds, 16 year old female, 34-27-35, and wear a size 5 jeans in jun.

Here is a pic of a someone who has the same body as me


My tummy is smaller though.

I want to be like this; link

Can you tell me excerises or videos on youtueb that will help we get this?


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  • Running will give you great abs as well as nice shapely legs ans is great for slimming down in general. Do a lot of exersises that has to do with balance like doing squats with a partner and throwing a medicnen ball bewteen the tow of you. Yoga would be another good one. Also 20 situps in the morning and 20 situps before you go ot bed is also a really good way to make sure that you are always doing somthing everyday. Another good challenge is to increase the number of situps you do every day by one, or increase it be one every two days but keep it consistent and by the time spring break rools around you should beable to to a tone of situps =)


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  • Two exercises. Captain's Chair and Bicycle Sit-up. The two, scientifically proven, most efficient stomach exercises for both genders. Balance with some back exercises.

    Combine this with 35-45 minutes of HIGH INTENSITY cardio (rowing machine and running preferable) three days a week, and light cardio(like jogging) the two days in between. Adhere to a routine and you should get there in a few weeks.

    Combined with the usual dietary tips, of course. Eat 6 meals a day, about equal in size, which signals to the body that you have a steady supply of food(so that it doesn't stockpile fat), but don't starve yourself or skip meals, girls doing that are prime examples of idiocy.

    That's off the top of my head, though. Questions?

    • Whats the Captains Chair?

      And thank you(:

      Would bicycle instead of running be ok? I don't have good knees and running makes your knees worse.

    • Well, I take it you don't go to a gym, so the rowing machine is out of the question, then. Well, yes, your health is the most important. Simple cycling activates far fewer muscles than other forms of cardio, though, so do very high intensity, and uphills, for intervals and moderate-to-high speed the rest of the time. It can be very tempting, especially for beginners, to keep a moderate pace for an hour instead of a killer pace for 4 minutes on and off for 40 minutes, thinking it's the same.

    • You should look up the Captain's Chair on youtube. In a few words, it's keeping your upper body vertical and rigid while lifting your knees - or feet, when you reach that level - as high up towards your chest as possible. Whether you lift yourself up by the elbows or hands, or whether you hang by the arms from a ledge or branch or something, is irrelevant. Your feet should hang and your torso be straight, the motion of lifting your legs upwards is what's important.

  • What you want to focus on isn't your total weight, but changing yor body composition. That is, you want to reduce fat and increase muscle. Great abs aren't so much about ab muscles as much as lowering overall body fat. The approach people usually take is to do tons of cardio and core excercises. But this often fails because it misses two important things. First, diet is as LEAST as important as excercise for fat reduction. Just start small here: eliminate excess sugar 6 days a week. That's it. Don't drink soda or sugary juices, except for on Saturdays as a treat. The second thing is people forget that building muscle helps burn fat. To do that focus on 3 big muscle groups--legs, chest and back. Don't worry, this won't make you huge. You'll actually notice the results of these exercises less in your muscles and more in the areas you tend to lose fat first.

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  • you can do as much abdominal work as you want, but you can't spot reduce. I have over 12 years as a personal trainer. you can't change your genetics either. women are suppose to have more fat then guys for the simple fact that we are the one who get pregnant if we choose to. you can do all he cardio in the world, but if you don't have a healthy diet then again all the cardio in the world won't work. you have to reduce your over all body fat and depending on genetics may or may not get the six pack you are looking for.

  • Diet is KEY!
    But some of the best workout vids for women on YouTube is bodyrock.
    goodluck :)

  • do a lot of cardio and drink a lot of water instead of juice, soda, etc. the water will also help you eat less. also do lunges and squats to tone you thighs and butt, and things like 6 inches and planks for abs/core. and if you hate cardio like I do, try things like zumba or other dance/exercises


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