Was told I am gothic, good or bad thing?

I was talking to this guy who seemed really into me, but then he made a joke about the way I dressed being Gothic. People in the past have made comments about me looking goth also.

Now, I am a rather happy person and I do not see myself as a gothic chick. I don't wear the same things I see gothic chicks wear. I just wear black and red often (I think I look good in those colors).

Is is a turn off for guys if they view a girl as goth? Should I wear brighter colors?


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  • I s'pose its all relative. As opposed to being known as a bed-wetter or an obsessive nose-picker, being known as "gothic" is a very good thing. Of course it lags far behind a reputation as a genius, or a woman of great beauty, but we all work with what we get.


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  • It is probably a turn off for some people and a turn on for others (just like almost anything else). The real issue though is not whether or not its a turn off, it is whether or not you like the way you dress. If you like it then stick with it, there is no need for you to start wearing brighter colors in an attempt to please other people.

  • Goth is cool.

  • You should certainly keep wearing the clothes you like to wear.


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