What do guys look for in a girl?

Give me your opinions. please & thank you!


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  • Every guy is going to be different, but here is what I personally like:

    - Classy. This is probably the biggest thing. Classy as in, doesn't sleep around with a bunch of guys, and would wait for a relationship/love to do so.

    - Good hearted. This is definitely next down. The more of a kind heart someone has, the more I am drawn to them. I can't stand a rude, bitchy, or mean girl.

    - Same interests. Another huge one. I personally like astrology, music, I play guitar, I like learning about a bunch of random things, I play video games, etc etc. A girl being interested in the same things is another huge turn on. It isn't as 100% needed as the above two but it's still huge to me.

    - Cute. I always fall for the "cute" look. Short, nice eyes, and a shy personality to match her cute looks.

    That's about it, in order as well. And you are welcome ^-^


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  • 1) I would say a great personality. Someone who is fun. 2) Keeps themselves physically fit and takes care of their looks. 3) Has self confidence.

  • Large mammary glands

  • 1) They are themselves.

    2) Trust

    3) Wisdom


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