Isn't it incestuous when guys look for a lady that reminds them of their mom?

These guys basically just want to marry their mothers, even if they are unaware of it.

I always thought this is a bit incestuous.


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  • Some psychologists believe that all men spend their lives in search of their mother. Even if they have issues with their mother and don't want a woman who's like her, they're still searching for a mother figure. I think that's a weird theory, but it's not incestual. They way I see it, they're not looking for their mom, they're just looking for someone with certain qualities.

  • its incestual if you want to have sex with your mom. its slightly incestual when you look for women that physically resembles your mom. if you just want a good and caring woman like your mom, then that's fine.

    but all of this is related to the oedipal that for more information.

    • Yea I know about Oedipus.

      But the types of guys who look for a woman similar to their moms always intrigued me because if I were to look for a woman, I wouldn't choose anyone like my mom. My mom is a fail of a human being. A waste of space.

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    • therapy.

    • welll it doesn't matter. I never want to get married.

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