Never thought green eyes were mind-boggling torpedoes.

There's this guy in my class who I really like. I'm pretty shy when it comes to flirting: every time I look at him, and make up my mind to at least smile at him, I find myself to fail miserably by looking away when his eyes meet mine. We keep eye contact for about a second, and before I know it I'm looking at the floor. It's like my mind freezes every time it happens. Is there any way to focus on smiling at him instead of letting his gaze turn my brain into mush?


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  • I know exactly what you mean! Except brown eyes usually do the trick for me! Like the analogy though...What's the worst that could happen if you maintain eye contact a little bit longer? Have you tried talking before? I find that it's easier if you know the person versus if he's a stranger. Also, I read somewhere that if you look above their nose, it looks like you're looking in their not sure about that one...sounds ridiculous to me but maybe you can test it out! lol

    • We do know each other... Not too well, but we're not strangers. But I will try looking above the nose! :)

    • Let me know how it goes! lol

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